Grupo Pastores is the leading Cooperative in the Spanish sheep meat sector. This sector has been lagging behind in comparison with production, processing, and marketing methods applied in other more intensive sectors (e.g. pork, poultry). CARNES OVIARAGON has been engaged in a series of innovative activities such as innovative animal rearing techniques and meat processing methods. The overall outcome of this innovative approach has allowed Carnes Oviaragon to increase its interaction with members and ultimately to expand into new markets and new market segments.


Badischer Winzerkeller disposes of a modern cellar, and over the years they have developed what is now one of the most productive wineries in their country. They have launched innovative initiatives to improve the sustainability of wine production, marketing and communication methods.

A large-size solar panel energy system has been installed on the roof of the winery, with a twofold purpose:

 – To improve the energy footprint of the cooperative (positive contribution to environmental sustainability);

– To profit from financial returns, by supplying the energy grid as a net energy provider.


Cantina Produttori Cormòns was founded at the end of the 1960s, in order to honour the centuries old wine tradition in the region. Their aim is to develop ways to present extrinsic product characteristics in a manner that will attract the interest of consumers as well as of well-informed wine-lovers. CANTINA PRODUTORI CORMONS has launched a number of innovative activities such as:

– The wine of peace, which is created from a unique vineyard consisting of a unique collection of (500) vine varieties throughout the world;

– Letting local art express itself in wine production (marketing and communication);

– The Guinness world record for the biggest wine bottle;

  – The international patent application for a convenient single serving of wine in a bottle/glass for the HoReCa self service sector.


Coselva focuses on the production and marketing of hazelnuts, nut products and olive oil. In order to enhance its competitive position and reach new segments of the international market, it was imperative for them to improve the quality of its hazelnut paste and other hazelnut products. COSELVA developed a tailor-made system (equipment and processing methods) to peel hazelnuts. This strategy aims to improve the quality of its products as well as to the effectiveness of processing, providing marketing benefits and producing economic results.