AgriAmbiente Mugello’s innovations benefit members in a number of ways:
a) management control;
b) improved and more efficient production processes;
c) greater visibility.

There are three main activities that reflect the cooperative’s recent growth:

– The purchase of a Challenger MT775 tractor, which allows them to harrow 30 ha per day with a harrowing disc, reducing costs of production by about 15-20%;

– The use of heat detectors to improve cow insemination. In a period of five months, a 40% rise in cattle pregnancy was estimated, resulting in an increase in milk production;

– The introduction of a new software programme which allows staff working for the company to provide real-time updates on every task in the stalls and out in the field, reducing costs by about 10-12% and creating new streams of revenue for our company.


CASPE LIVESTOCK NET was created as a participative network that brings together cooperatives and commercial SMEs. This concept unifies investments and management, headed by one company – Caspe Livestock Cooperative. Its know-how is based on and developed according to four principles:

– Excellence in management;
– Analysis of investment;
– Technological sustainability in animal feeding;
– Efficiency in livestock services.

The cooperative and its sister companies are provided with tools for management, participation, reinvestment and economies of scale, without having to renounce their natural idiosyncrasies. This creates a unique network of experts and decision makers across the supply chain.


Water is a critical resource in the Jerte Valley. One of the main objectives of the regional development strategy has therefore been to protect and add value to this resource. This project will help farmers be more rational and sustainable in their use of water resources. This work is of great interest to farmers of the Agrupación de Cooperativas Valle del Jerte, because they will have recommendations for deficit irrigation strategies at their disposal that will increase their yields and contribute to a rational use of water.


DIJON CEREALES and its subsidiary CERELAB have developed the G-Nutrition® brioche bread to fight malnutrition amongst the elderly. This new ADDFMS is currently being marketed and will be on offer in health facilities. By stimulating the sensory and cognitive abilities of the elderly, it is perceived as a real comfort food. Through the cultural association conveyed by this symbolic food, which is part of French culture, the bread brings pleasure and health.